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  • Dennis Pocekay

For a Healthy Petaluma

I am running for City Council because I am concerned about the health and well-being of our community. With the exception of the COVID-19 virus the issues we face have not changed in the last 2 years. I believe it is time to treat root causes rather than respond to symptoms. It is time for new voices with new ideas.

One of the most important things life has taught me is that if you try a solution to a problem and it doesn’t work, repeating what you did is not likely to make things better. For too long the majority of our City Council has tried to solve our problems with the same failed solutions.

To achieve a healthy Petaluma I will:

  • Put the needs of the residents of Petaluma and the environment ahead of the needs of developers.

  • Prioritize the safety of pedestrians and bike riders as we find creative solutions to our traffic and street maintenance problems.

  • Work to ensure that our City takes decisive action to address the climate crisis.

  • Act to support all Petaluma residents whose health and well-being are threatened by the COVID-19 virus.

  • Address the City’s ongoing financial crisis by adding new revenue streams.

  • Advocate for a thriving local economy that provides a secure livelihood, affordable housing, and safe streets for all of us.

And finally, we won’t solve the city’s problems by pitting the Eastside and Westside against each other. We are all in this together.

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