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Important Issues

Racism is a public health emergency


Please read each aspect of how Abolition can build a society where communities are equipped to provide for their safety and wellbeing.


$15 Minimum Wage

My letter to the editor in support of the $15/hour. Co-Authored with Sam Tuttelman who is one of my campaign managers. #RaisetheWage

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Our County needs to find ways to fill in the gaps.

1. Digital divide.
2. Language access
3. Lack of Paid Leave or options to work from home
4. More people in smaller spaces because rent is too damn high. Multiple families have to live together.
5. No access for people to isolate when symptoms appear.
6. Low wage workers and essential workers are the core of our county and City of Petaluma.

Racial inequality and lack of cultural awareness play a role.
This is our fourth disaster and I have advocated for our county to have a disaster plan that is effective to protect our frontline communities.

When will our leaders start to listen?
How many more disasters does this county and our city need?

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