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Housing is a human right. We won’t have a healthy, resilient and inclusive Petaluma until working people can afford to live here. Everyone who works in Petaluma should be able to live here.


We need a new City Council that puts the needs of Petaluma residents before those of developers.  Petaluma has had an affordable housing emergency for years, but the City Council has failed to declare it.  The COVID-19 pandemic brings into stark relief the fact that many residents are just a paycheck or two away from being unable to pay their rent or mortgage.  34% of Petaluma households are low income or below.  


Our current City Council favors developers who want to build market rate single-family housing. This results in harm to our environment, increased traffic congestion and endangers the very things that make Petaluma a unique place to live.  The Council overlooks the sad reality that we often find ourselves saying goodbye to our friends and family members because they cannot afford to live here.  Our city pursues tourism as a way to create jobs and capture sales tax revenue. Then it fails to provide sufficient affordable housing for the workers who take the low-wage jobs in our shops and restaurants.  The current beneficiaries of development in Petaluma are developers, not those of us who live and work here.


If I am elected to the Council, I will be a tireless advocate for developing affordable housing.  I will insist that market rate housing be high density and transit oriented, and I will oppose all development in environmentally sensitive areas.  In addition, I will work to cap rents and prevent evictions of tenants and homeowners unable to pay their rents or mortgages during our current economic crisis.

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