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Teresa Barrett

Mayor of Petaluma


D'Lynda Fischer

Vice Mayor of Petaluma


David Glass

Former Mayor of Petaluma

Pamela Torliatt

Former Mayor of Petaluma

Pam Torliatt.jpg

Matt Maguire

Former City Council Member

David Keller

Former City Council Member


Blake Hooper

Petaluma Planning Commissioner

Joanna Paun

Petaluma Schools Board Trustee

paun_joanna - pcs brd_crop.jpg

Caitlin Quinn

Petaluma Schools Board Trustee

Chair, Petaluma Animal Services Advisory Board

Officer-at-Large, Commission on the Status of Women


Mady Cloud

Petaluma Schools Board Trustee

cloud_mady - pcs brd_crop.jpg

Kailea Frederick

Vice Chair, Climate Action Commission Member


Jean Ger

Climate Action Commission Member

Jean Ger.jpg

Panama Bartholomy

Climate Action Commission Member

Ned Orrett

Climate Action Commission Member

Elizabeth Escalante

President, Wine Country Young Democrats


Zahyra Garcia

Vice President for North Bay Organizing Project

Founding Member for North Bay LGBTQI+ Families


Mara Ventura

Local Labor Activist

Omar Medina

Trustee, Santa Rosa City Schools Board of Education


Vanessa Luna Shannon

Member, Board of Directors

 Petaluma Health Center


Rick Parmer

Board Member, SF Bay Trail

Former Chairman of the Board, SF Bay Trail

Former President, California State Park Rangers Association

Peter Kostas

Sonoma County Office of Education Trustee Southwest County Area 2


Naomi Crawford

Claudia de la Pena

Chip Atkin

Dr. Toni Ramirez

John Crowley

Adriann Saslow

Angelo Sacerdote

John Gorman

Marty Bennett

Daniel Backman

Madeline Backman

John Johnson

Marian Killian

Dr. James Pointer

Bailey Malone

Brian Mealins

Sheila Morissey

Stephanie Sanchez

Marti Shortridge

Lisa Damico

Jan Everidge

Sherri Fabre-Marcia

Frances Frazier

Simone Gsell

Seann Henry

Marcia Joynt

Tom Joynt

Kiera Lager

Laura Sparks

Harley Christensen

Rebecca Carpenter
Erin Chmielewski

Carol Crabill
Dr. Leslie Crane

Barbara Grasseschi
Marjorie Helm

Dan Monte

Donna Norquist

Sam Tuttelman

Scott Andrews

Shelia Baker

Eberle Ewing, MD

Earl Herr, MD *

Terry Iddins, MD

Megan Morrone

Shannon  Ojeda

Tonya Parnak

Juanita Radford

Dusty Resneck

Erinn VanderMeer

David Dodd

Helaine Dorenfeld

Linda Dunwoodie

Margo Gallagher

Kathy Hutchinson

Michelle Kelly

Katy McKegney

Ellen Obstler

Tricia Zimmerman

Carol Barickman*

Raymond Chau*

Dr. Mahtab Danai*

Hannah Jern-Miller

Amanda Kruusmagi

Curt Ries

Greg Reisinger

Tina Shirk

Cynthia Tuttelman, MD

Breanna Weaver

Sophia Bihn

Jason Davies

Lisa Jenkins

Natasha Juliana

Dan Lyke

Taryn Obaid

Leila Raim

Bob Stires

Beverly Voloshin

Gail Yeager

Sarah Andropoulos

Jordan Craig

Timothy Hurley

Ingrid Larnis

Ruth Lorain

Bob McFarland

Nancy McFarland

Lydia Schindler

Jill Silliphant

Erin Wrightsman

Davin Cardenas

Andrew Carroll

Ronald Chestnut

Kathleen Culhane

Lauren Forsell

Heather Haley

Marianne Hurley

Kathy O'Sullivan

Jesse Rankin

Eric Vazquez

Kamala Brown

Cynthia Clarkson

April Chmielewski

Jerry Chmielewski

Patrick Mundy

John Mutz

Heather Mutz

Sarah Peregoy

Cynthia Renfrew

Robert Tuttle

Joan Bennett
Lynne  Moquete
Stephen Tynan
Maggie  Athoe
Barry Bussewitz
Susan Jusaitis
Louise Leff
Linda Lipps
Chris  Oaks

Sue  Oaks

Thom Butler

Barbara Cieslewicz

Steven Delue

Kerry Fugett

Betty Harrison

Spencer Lew

Jaana Nieuwboer

Dorothy Oliker

Naomi Richman, LMFT

Andrea Taylor

Dawn-Dyanna Dhyanna, M.A.

Genevieve Foster

Stanley Gold

Fasih Hameed

Fatima Lassar

Charlie Latham

Amanda Smith

Nick Somoff

Jeni Turner

William Yeager

James Farag

Karen Guma

Peter Kostas

Carol Treu



*Earl Herr, MD

I have known Dr. Dennis Pocekay for most of the 36 years that I been an ER physician in Petaluma. Dennis is not only a dedicated and respected professional physician, but he has shown the extra effort and commitment to teach public health to other physicians at UC Davis. His involvement in our community is both deep and wide. He has long involved himself in the special needs of our Hispanic community. He is the appropriate person for our City Council at this time of Covid and its challenges. Dr. Dennis Pocekay has my full respect, and my endorsement for Petaluma City Council.

Earl Herr.jpg

*Carol Barickman, Nurse Midwife

"I want to wholeheartedly endorse Dennis Pocekay for election to the Petaluma City Council.  I am a nurse midwife, a public health professional, and a mom. I’ve known Dennis professionally and personally for 30 years in his many roles as healer, parent, teacher, and community organizer.  In all these different spheres of activity, Dennis consistently rises to leadership positions because of his dedication and willingness to listen and lead.

Here’s the thing about Dennis Pocekay though, he doesn’t just ask questions about what is needed,  he then actually listen to the answers. Not only that,  Dennis has a consistent history of lifting up people with ideas and giving a voice to his constituents that is theirs, not his.
Dennis was an ally for women and people of color before there was a name for it.
His focus on the vulnerable elements of our community,  his long-time effort for fair and affordable housing, and his understanding that the health of our town depends on our willingness to take care of all of our citizens, underlies every element of his platform.  
For decades he has walked his talk. His record on housing, food security, immigration and reproductive rights is consistent and progressive.  He has the vision, the experience, and the integrity to help lead Petaluma into the future.

As recent events have shown so clearly, we as a society are in desperate need of solid leadership.  We as a community have a need to stand up for social justice in order to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe and healthy.   It’s up to us to elect a representative who can make decisions with knowledge and experience on these issues, one who follows through on his promises and commitments every time.  
A community that cannot house its own workers, the lifeblood of any town, is not healthy.   The presence of the poor and hungry in our public spaces is not a sign of our good health. Elect Dennis Pocekay to the Petaluma City Council and rest assured the interests of the citizens will come before the interests of profits and development.  Voting for Dennis will be a step toward realizing our more inclusive and forward trending city. "

*Dr. Mahtab Danai, MD & UCD Alumni


"This is Dr. Dennis Pocekay, the most kind, humble, and generous person I have ever known. I am proud to call him my life role model and mentor. On the first day of public health class in January 2015, I asked him to join our UC Davis RIVER team. After our conversation, he not only agreed to join our team, but he believed in our group of undergrads so much that he agreed to take on the huge responsibility of being our first medical director. We were all overwhelmed by his kindness. No doctor had even agreed to work with us at this point most often because we lacked enough money, infrastructure, and insurance. Since then, he has helped mentor our team into what it is today. Besides his key role in RIVER, Dr. Pocekay teaches and organizes UC Davis' first undergraduate public health class for free, volunteers at student-run clinics, works as a substitute teacher, among other volunteer positions in health care. He gives me so much hope that a person can remain kind, generous, optimistic, and selfless throughout their entire career and beyond. He has inspired so many students besides myself, and I thought he deserved a shout out. He's a role model for all of us."

*Raymond Chau, MPH student UC Berkeley & UCD Alumni


"I proudly endorse Dr. Pocekay for Petaluma City Council. As a former student of his public health class, he taught us to think critically of the public health issues our communities faced and inspired me to pursue a career dedicated to achieving health equity."

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