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We face twin COVID-19 EMERGENCIES, health and economic.


We do need to slowly reopen the economy. However, we need to be guided by public health best practices so that we avoid see-sawing between opening up and closing down the parts of the economy most likely to accelerate the spread of the virus. The same is true for opening our schools to in-person learning.


The City must take a strong stand and advocate for social distancing and the wearing of masks. We need to protect workers via paid sick leave, paid family  leave, worker retention policies, and the inclusion of employee voices in the design of reopening strategies. Renters and homeowners need forgiveness from missed rental and mortgage payments and evictions due to the pandemic. During this emergency renters should not face unaffordable rent increases.


Finally, we need to take vigorous targeted actions to protect our Latinx community which is bearing the brunt of the virus in Sonoma County.
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