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As a physician I understand that children and families represent the future and that we must put in place policies that support and nurture them in these uncertain times. As a council member I will fight to make sure that Petaluma is a healthy, inclusive and sustainable community for all families. 
My wife Donna and I moved to Petaluma in 1991. We were charmed by the things that lead many young families to move here – other families with children, good schools, abundant parks, youth sports, and close proximity to the ocean, the Bay, the Russian River, and redwood forests. As we navigated the joys and challenges of raising two children, we experienced a Petaluma that was truly family friendly.
But I understand that for many young families, life is much more challenging now then it was when we were raising Gina and Sean. Many families experienced the great recession and are currently dealing with the COVID-19 economic crash. Commutes have gotten longer, income inequality keeps growing, and the cost of housing is far too expensive. On top of that there are all of the challenges that the pandemic has created in our lives – fear, isolation, loss of income, the challenges of distance learning and the need to find safe childcare amongst many others.
As your representative on the next City Council I will champion the following family friendly policies: 
  • Smart growth that is driven by the needs of Petaluma’s residents and the environment, so Petaluma retains the charm and character that make it such a special place to raise a family. 
  • Affordable housing, so young families can afford to live here as their families grow.
  • Safe streets and sidewalks, so kids can walk or bike to school.
  • Traffic solutions, so you don’t spend a half hour to get across town in order to treat your kids to an ice cream or a comic book.
  • Spacious parks with well-maintained sports fields and playground equipment, and plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities for the whole family.
  • A serious response to the city’s budget problems, so our children don’t inherit a town drowned by debt and gutted of services. 
  • A determined response to our climate emergency, so that our children will have a future to inherit. 
  • Social justice and equity, so Petaluma is truly a welcoming community for all families who live here. 
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